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This Week In Privacy: July 18, 2009

The Tech Herald Possible Link to Twitter hack – GMail Vulnerable to Password Cracking How was Hacker Croll able to break into accounts that were compromised during the Twitter attack? Here’s a look at a possibility. GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password? A look at some common sense tips about passwords [...]

This Week In Privacy: July 11, 2009

Government Computer News With Passwords, Simplicity Can Equal Strength We all know that ‘remembering’ complex passwords can be a bit troublesome, which is why we use password managers, but if you insist on keeping a few passwords to memory you may want to hear these tips. Tips For Fighting Identity Theft With all the [...]

This Week In Privacy: July 4, 2009

PC Advisor Michael Jackson X-file Scam Steals Passwords It’s no surprise that the death of the King of Pop has brought about a lot of media, but be careful while clicking on the latest links of Michael Jackson stories. Some of them may be password scams. Mail Online So why is the U.S. so eager [...]

This Week In Privacy: June 20, 2009 Bozeman Demands Internet Passwords Job applicants with the city of Bozeman are asking job seekers for the user names and even passwords to Internet social networking or Web groups they belong to. Is this policy going way too far? EBay Enthusiast Shaken By Online Fraud, Tardy Response From Bank Protecting your passwords is vital [...]

This Week In Privacy: June 6, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald Happy National Change Your Password Day June 5th was declared the National Change Your Password Day and for good reason – who really wants their personal accounts broken into? Tech Republic 10 Ways to Avoid IT Security Breaches Michael Kassner offers some solid guidelines and tips on how to avoid security [...]

This Week In Privacy: May 30, 2009 Password Security Questions Get More Complicated If the typical ‘What’s Your Mother’s Maiden Name?’ questions seems too easy a question to guess, you might be interested in seeing some of the alternatives. ReadWriteWeb Online Security: White House Establishes New Cyber Czar Position Many of us are still in suspense when it comes to the [...]

This Week In Privacy: May 23, 2009

Computerworld Phishers Harvest Facebook Passwords For Profit Identity thieves that hit Facebook last week with a new round of phishing attacks are harvesting passwords for profit. PCWorld Study: Secret Questions Don’t Safeguard Passwords The secret question you have to create for your free email account is usually an answer that is often easily guessable by [...]

This Week In Privacy: May 16, 2009

DataStrategy Cyber Crime Spreads Its Viruses Cybercrime is constantly on the rise and here is a brief yet concise look at just how serious an issue it is. Could this wave of theft be the new virus to really watch out for? New Identity Theft Scheme Surprises Victim We’re all aware the crime [...]

This Week In Privacy: May 9, 2009

Ecommerce Journal 10 Ways Hackers Could Break Into Your Online Account Here is a quick guide on how hackers can compromise sensitive and personal information on your computer. And once you know how it works, you have the power to protect yourself. abc 7 News On Your Side: Email Phishing Scams Exposed Email phishing scams [...]

This Week In Privacy: April 25, 2009

ZDNet How Can Internet Security Be Stepped Up? Passwords and usernames are not in themselves an non-secure way of protecting sensitive info, but can be used in an non-secure way. Can the same eventually be said for the up and coming solution of Biometrics? The Auburn Villager New Face of Internet Stalking Is Local Having [...]

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