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The new Adobe AIR damages the Passpack Desktop’s Local Storage

Your attention, please.

The new Adobe AIR, on some Operating Systems, resets the Encrypted Local Storage where the local Passpack Desktop data are stored. So, please, before upgrading to the new Adobe AIR, do a backup of your local data from “tools > backup” so that, if the data will be lost after the upgrading, you can restore it.

If your data is lost, the only way to recover it is to restore the status of your operating system to a restore point before the upgrade to the last Adobe AIR. Some users were able to recover all the data this way. After recovering the data, please, backup the entries before upgrade again and restore the entries after restarting the account.

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A big thanks to Cyndy Aleo-Carreira at for this great write up. Love the enthusiasm Cyndy!

Beta 4: Entries Bug – FIXED

UPDATE: I was told that this message was causing some confusion since the bug it adresses no loger exists. So I am crossing out, and removing, large sections of the post. It is here for posterity’s sake.

Auto-login: Under the Hood

This is under-the-hood explanation of how the Autologin button works. The tool is only for Passpack users. Updated on Aug. 1, 2007

Passpack Auto-login: No Plugin Needed

The Passpack It! button will automatically log you into a website listed in your Passpack account. Text updated on Aug. 1, 2007. The video needs to be updated, but it’s still indicative.

Passpack Showcased on Ajaxian

Ajaxian has followed up it’s previous article with a new one, this time moving Passpack into the showcase category.

Explorer Performance Bug – FIXED

This fix has been tested and applied.

Preview Account Mix Up – FIXED

Missing Accounts? Well, no, they are not really missing. But there does seem to be a bit of confusion. In the last two days we have received a few emails from people who have created an account, only to come back and not find it there.

24 hours into the New Release

We’re thrilled with the positive response the new Passpack release is getting. The favorite feature seems to be the Import screen – I hope you’ve also started making your personal backups as well.

Passpack Launches New Beta 4 Release

It’s here! Passpack is officially in Beta 4 (with a new design to boot). Passpack is the only Online Password Manager to merge high security with ease-of-use, putting the average person back in control of his online identity. Passpack is free and available 24/7 via Internet without installation. [shameless plug]

Thank you Beta 4 Testers

As we’re gearing up for the Beta 4 final release, I just wanted to take a moment to thank our testers. In no particular order:

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