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The new Adobe AIR damages the Passpack Desktop’s Local Storage

Your attention, please.

The new Adobe AIR, on some Operating Systems, resets the Encrypted Local Storage where the local Passpack Desktop data are stored. So, please, before upgrading to the new Adobe AIR, do a backup of your local data from “tools > backup” so that, if the data will be lost after the upgrading, you can restore it.

If your data is lost, the only way to recover it is to restore the status of your operating system to a restore point before the upgrade to the last Adobe AIR. Some users were able to recover all the data this way. After recovering the data, please, backup the entries before upgrade again and restore the entries after restarting the account.

Passwords: Long is Strong

As a founder of Passpack, I try and keep up on all conversations about passwords on the internet. In my virtual travels, I’ve realized that the number one reason people don’t feel they need a password manager is because they “have a system.”

May 2007 Press Roundup

Ok, here goes the Monthly Links Roundup for May. I love seeing this much enthusiasm about Passpack! Thanks everyone. This month I added some excerpts as well…

Why Are Things So Quiet at Passpack?

You should know us by now… when we’re quiet, we’re up to something (four things actually)

OpenID: A great thing… going amok?

On Aug.19, 2007, Tara says: I’ve interupted this conversation until I get my personal blog running, which I think will a more appropriate platform for it. Comments are still open though. I recently came across Carsten Pötter’s post OpenID for all Estonians wherein he writes about a nationwide implementation of OpenID in Estonia. Citizens and [...]

Can OpenID Replace a Password Manager?

OpenID and Password Managers solve two different problems. Let’s have a look at OpenID and Passpack.

Chicago Tribune: Passpack “most attractive”

In his article on the Chicago Tribune HYPERTEXT blog, Steve Johnson poses the question: “So how do you handle the growing nightmare of online passwords?”

April 2007 Press Roundup

Ok, so Passpack’s going to jump on the Monthly Links Roundup bandwagon. Thanks to all these kind folks who took the time out to try Passpack, give it some thought, and write about it (check the running list here).

alarm:clock euro- Passpack “hot beta”

A quick Hot Betas post on alarm:clock euro puts Passpack and Clipperz in the forefront, followed the Austrian start up Tag2Find.

Interview on Passpack, at 606tech

Thanks to Kristen Nicole at 606tech for interviewing me. We had a fun chat over skype about the trees in Rome, Passpack and the power of Web Moms!

Passpack and Clipperz: The Difference?

Updated on February 6, 2008. Comparison table and features descriptions of two online password managers. Updated with the release of Passpack’s Beta5.

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