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The new Adobe AIR damages the Passpack Desktop’s Local Storage

Your attention, please.

The new Adobe AIR, on some Operating Systems, resets the Encrypted Local Storage where the local Passpack Desktop data are stored. So, please, before upgrading to the new Adobe AIR, do a backup of your local data from “tools > backup” so that, if the data will be lost after the upgrading, you can restore it.

If your data is lost, the only way to recover it is to restore the status of your operating system to a restore point before the upgrade to the last Adobe AIR. Some users were able to recover all the data this way. After recovering the data, please, backup the entries before upgrade again and restore the entries after restarting the account.

Beta 6: A Bridge to “Better”

Here at Passpack, we have a vision and a plan. But better yet, we have your feedback. The Beta 6 is a bridge version – between Passpack now, and Passpack exactly the way you want it.

Wonky Blog?

Sorry folks, we’re having some intermittent problems with the blog. We’ve heard that various people across the globe have been having problems with blogs over the last couple of days. I have faith the WordPress team will get it all fixed as soon as they can. In the meantime the Passpack blog may look [...]

Survey: Using Tags in Passpack

We want to make Passpack faster to use. To do so, we need to optimize it for how you use it. Closed – 4 questions on how you use tags. (anonymous survey on Thanks for helping us make an informed decision. Technorati Tags: Passpack, password manager, online privacy, privacy, security, lifehack, web2.0, tech, hostproofhosting, [...]

Administer and Share Passwords Between Accounts

How can a small business owner administer passwords to employees without giving up control? How can professionals safely share login information when collaborating on a project? What to do when your spouse needs access to the electric company login? Answer: Secure Sharing.

Passpack in Wired on E-Voting

Yesterday Nicole Martinelli from Wired contacted me for input on e-voting. Nicole, like me, is a US expat in Italy and knows how frustrating casting ballots from abroad can be. Is e-voting the solution?

Passpack Powering Up

I know, I know – it’s too long since I gave you folks an update. Here’s the speed version of what’s up here at Passpack: * Incorporated? Yup, we’re official * Beta 6? Yup, coming * Pricing? Lowered * Mobile? Ouch, hurts, but it’ll happen * What else? Globe trotting and more

Maintenance Complete

Yesterday’s server maintenance is complete. All went well enough, though I’ve been told that the “under maintenance” page wasn’t actually being shown. We’ll check into that. Now that Passpack is packing a little more punch, we’re ready to power up for a big year. So stay tuned…

Scheduled Maintenance Feb.2

We are scheduling a period of maintenance overnight between Friday and Saturday which will last about 20 minutes.

Schedule Maintenance Feb.2

We are scheduling a period of maintenance overnight between Friday and Saturday which will last about 20 minutes.

Call for Mobile Beta Testers

Passpack is testing it’s mobile version! If you would like to become a private beta alpha tester – now is your chance. Update: Testing currently closed.

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