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3 Ways We’re Riding Out the Recession

A recession is the best due diligence. The good investments are the companies still standing once its over. (overheard at ETRE – more insights here) Some of you have asked me on twitter and facebook how things are going at Passpack. I know, the underlying question there is really “Will you guys still be standing?” [...]

This Week In Privacy: Feb 7, 2009 Man Blames Bank Security For $328,540 in Online Theft “Somehow, someone was able to get the pass code to my account”. Unfortunately this is an all too common phrase but this time, it cost someone over $300,000! Daily Tech New Study Reveals Human Error Is Greatest Security Flaw So it seems numbers are going [...]

This Week In Privacy: Jan 31, 2009 Suffering Password Fatigue Remembering things like password and PINs gets tiring and sometimes impossible. Here is a look at password fatigue and how to fight it. Weiner Zeitung You Think You Are Protected? – Better Think Twice! Take a look at the findings of the NCSA and McAfee online security research. Are people really [...]

Coming Soon: New Blog. Your Thoughts?

We use this blog for announcements, help articles, some news-ish posts, posts on password basics and even a few things which probably would have been best left unsaid. In other words… it’s a mess [smile]. So we’ve built a new blog! (sneak peek here). And I’m cleaning things up during the move. Here’s the idea: [...]

2009 Here We Come

As the end of the year draws near, Passpack is taking stock of it’s 2008 hits and it’s 2008 misses. We’ve gotten past our growing pains and at 2 years old, I’d like to think we’ve had more hits than misses [ego-bump]. A Walk Down Memory Lane We started 2008 with the announcement of Sharing [...]

Obama Gives Privacy the Spotlight

The 73% of Americans who use the web may be interested in reading just what tech-savvy President-elect Obama has planned for the future of the cloud and how it pertains to an all time Passpack favorite – privacy on the web. Safeguarding Internet user’s right to privacy in Web 2.0 is not always top of [...]

Tim O’Reilly Talks Privacy

Andrea Vascellari just posted this video of O’Reilly from the Web2.0 conference in Berlin last month. Prompted by our very own Donato, O’Reilly shared his thoughts on  the need for privacy in a social web. O’Reilly’s states he’s in favor of privacy, but if I had to paraphrase, it sounds to me like he’s saying: [...]

Privacy & Identity: Web2.0 Expo, Berlin

It was a fantastic experience being in Berlin during the Web2.0 Expo this week. I met a lot of interesting people, and was happy (though not surprised) to learn that privacy and identity management is a key topic for many Web 2.0 users. A top highlight for me was having the chance to ask Tim [...]

It’s Identity Theft Awareness Day with guest blogger, Bart Mroz

We at Passpack are all about making sure that your identities and information are protected in any way we can. We provide you a secure password manager that is protected with host-proof host protection, secure messaging that encrypts your messages from sender to recipient and a Ring of Trust that allows you to send passwords [...]

Passpack At Web 2.0 Expo

Donato is a sucker for all things Web 2.0 and innovation, so when a few interesting conferences caught his eye, we couldn’t help but get him a ticket to Web 2.0 Expo Berlin. Our Passpack socialite-to-be wants to make the most of his time in the German capital and meet any Web 2.0-ers who may [...]

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