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This Week In Privacy: April 18, 2009

redOrbit Phishers Use Loopholes, New Tech To Step Up Attacks Cyber criminals no longer rely on the Nigerian email phishing hoax, but now “location-based spam” which takes victims to sites related to local disasters or other topics of interest seem to be the new phishing trend. Saving vs. Remembering Passwords A quick Q&A with [...]

This Week In Privacy: April 11, 2009

The Online News Hour Cyber Crime and Spying Threaten National Security The FBI has ranked cyber crime as the third-greatest threat to U.S. national security, after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction. Here is a look at some examples of online crimes. The Wichita Eagle Scam Mimics Visa Security Program Phony messages instructing Visa [...]

Wrapping Up the SF/Boston Tour

Wow, what a couple of weeks have gone by. I’ve traveled the US coast-to-coast in a series of very interesting meetings, while back at HQ the testers have been doing a fabulous job on Passpack 7. And we were chosen as a Red Herring 100 Europe finalist. US Tour From Boston to San Francisco, it’s [...]

This Week In Privacy: April 4, 2009

Computer Act!ve Children Hack Friend’s And Family’s Online Accounts Children hacking into and impersonating  friend’s online accounts? Facebook trends that could unknowingly put your passwords at risk? This is an interesting look at how the new generation perceive online identity. Government Technology Phishing For Passwords You may think you know everything about password protection, but [...]

This Week In Privacy: March 28, 2009

InformationWeek Obama Cybersecurity Team Consults Rights Groups U.S. President Obama and his cybersecurity team are working side by side with civil liberties groups, trying to ensure that steps taken towards securing the US nation’s computer infrastructure don’t cross any civil liberty boundaries. New Alert After Online Theft Doubles This UK published article talks about [...]

This Week In Privacy: March 21, 2009

DarkReading Comcast Customer Usernames, Passwords Exposed In Possible Phishing Attack 8,000 customer account information made public online? If one of the exposed passwords was reused for other accounts, someone could have access not only to one customer account, but all others with that same password. Be Alert For a New Phishing Email! If you [...]

This Week in Privacy: March 14, 2009 New Identity Theft Law The 2008, Section 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) does aim to protect financial institutions from identity theft, but just what is a financial institution? You might want to know. Prevent Company Identity Theft Some very useful tips on how to keep your company out [...]

This Week In Privacy: March 7, 2009

Las Vegas Sun In Cases of ID Theft, Numbers Do Lie According to Federal Trade Commission statistics, Nevada has the nation’s third-worst identity theft problem. Or does it? Identity theft is often a crime that goes unreported, making the number of victims rise even further. CNET Are Passwords Our Best Security Option? There are many [...]

This Week In Privacy: Feb 28, 2009 ID Theft Tops List of 2008 Consumer Complaints It’s no surprise, identity theft is consistent at placing number one in consumer complaint reports and 2008 is no exception. Here are a few statistics from the Federal Trade Commission. Poor Password Practice Putting Users At Risk Gartner research proves that internet users are using [...]

This Week In Privacy: Feb 14, 2009

Daily Times Favourite Passwords: 1234 and password Passwords that show no imagination or distinctiveness are easy prey for information pirates, a new US study says. So don’t fall prey by making 1234 or password the gateway to your personal info. Obama Orders Review of Cyber Security Barack Obama has ordered a review of America’s [...]

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