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Gawker Password Leak: Quickly Double Check for Reuse

There’s a lot of buzz around the Gawker Media leak of 1.3 million user accounts. If you use Passpack, you’re probably safe since you likely have unique passwords for every site. From the the notice Gawker sent out (my emphasis): This is what you should do immediately: Try to change your password in the Gawker Media [...]

Evolving Passpack’s Privacy Model

Passpack’s job is to let you store and share private data (passwords) in way that not even we can see them on our server. While it sounds very straightforward, that definition has been in the making since Dec. ’06. When we first launched Passpack, we equally stressed both data privacy & security and personal privacy & [...]

Have We Told You Lately That We Love You?

This morning, going through the replies to the mobile readiness survey I came across this very disheartening comment: Did we forget something? Your users who don’t use the mobile or desktop version… Reading that felt like a punch in the gut. To the question “what’d we forget”, the answer was “your users” [cringe]. This a much [...]

Passpack & Carley Knobloch at BlogHer 2010

A bit of news while you’re waiting for the mobile release – Passpack will be sponsoring Carley Knobloch of Mothercraft fame at this year’s BlogHer event. For those who didn’t catch it the first time, Carley did an awesome writeup on Passpack a few months back. SO awesome we jumped at the opportunity to have [...]

New Features From the Suggestions Box

While we work on the upcoming mobile release, I thought I’d reach out and ask for your thoughts on a few other ideas from the suggestions forum. Like ‘em? Vote ‘em! Pre-populated Accounts Having a hard time getting staff on-board? This idea is for creating shared accounts for them, from inside your paid administrators account. [...]

Your Suggestions with Uservoice

We’ve switched the Passpack suggestions box to the Uservoice platform. Check it out, you can see the status of your suggestions, as well as converse with us about what’s going on. You can access the forum directly by connecting to Uservoice. Or from the Suggestions & Feature Requests link in the Help Center, or from [...]

Coming Up Next at Passpack: Groups

I’ve been stingy with the blog posts as of late, so I wanted to drop in with some news on what we’ve been up to, and what’s coming up next – Groups & Localization! For the past 5 months or so I’ve been traveling, while Francesco has been preparing some important Passpack changes. Let’s ignore [...]

Tales From the Suggestions Box

As you all know, Passpack has a suggestions box (you do know that right?) where you can vote up the most requested features, or send us your own ideas. Since you won’t get any reply when you leave a suggestion – write into the help center if you need a reply – but here are [...]

This Week In Privacy: July 18, 2009

The Tech Herald Possible Link to Twitter hack – GMail Vulnerable to Password Cracking How was Hacker Croll able to break into accounts that were compromised during the Twitter attack? Here’s a look at a possibility. GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password? A look at some common sense tips about passwords [...]

This Week In Privacy: July 11, 2009

Government Computer News With Passwords, Simplicity Can Equal Strength We all know that ‘remembering’ complex passwords can be a bit troublesome, which is why we use password managers, but if you insist on keeping a few passwords to memory you may want to hear these tips. Tips For Fighting Identity Theft With all the [...]

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