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New Features From the Suggestions Box

While we work on the upcoming mobile release, I thought I’d reach out and ask for your thoughts on a few other ideas from the suggestions forum. Like ‘em? Vote ‘em! Pre-populated Accounts Having a hard time getting staff on-board? This idea is for creating shared accounts for them, from inside your paid administrators account. [...]

Passpack Desktop with 2-way Sync

You asked for it – changes made to your passwords via Passpack Desktop, can be uploaded to your account. Want to test the release candidate? It’s official. Get Passpack Desktop 2.1.0 Local vs. Sync-able Entries In the entry window in Passpack Desktop, tick Set as local entry only if you’d like the Synchronization procedure to [...]

Gmail 3rd Party Login, Deprecated

When you login to Passpack via the Gmail third party login, Passpack uses IMAP to ping your account and authenticate you. No email is read, just a ping to authenticate you. Alas, this is a feature is causing panic with Gmail’s  ”Suspicious Activity” alerts. So we’ll be removing it as an option in the near future. Read [...]

Further Upgrade To Automatic Recovery System

Today a new upgrade to the automatic recovery system is going up. This is an extension of the work we did in April to tighten control on handling corrupted entries. Since the April update, our database is showing no new entries have been corrupted. While corrupted entries are rare (0.03%), we’re happy it’s become even rarer. This [...]

Your Suggestions with Uservoice

We’ve switched the Passpack suggestions box to the Uservoice platform. Check it out, you can see the status of your suggestions, as well as converse with us about what’s going on. You can access the forum directly by connecting to Uservoice. Or from the Suggestions & Feature Requests link in the Help Center, or from [...]

Switching from Euro to US Dollars

Before I forget: Happy Mother’s Day! That said – today’s update has nothing to do with moms [smile].  We’re switching package pricing from Euro to US Dollars, made some interface tweaks, redesigned the website and did some heavy duty back-end overhauling. Dollars & Cents Here’s an interesting stat. On any given month, between 75% and 80% [...]

On-screen Keyboard For Keylogger Protection

With today’s release, we’ve added “fighting off keyloggers” to the list of ways Passpack protects you and your passwords. Pros & Cons Just for good measure, here’s the pros and cons of javascript keyboards for fighting keyloggers. Virtual keyboard pros: Protect against keyloggers Easy to type non-standard characters Easy to type on a foreign computer [...]

Improved Twitter 3rd Party Login Support

An update for those who use Twitter’s authentication to sign into Passpack. We’ve now upgraded to Twitter’s OAuth authentication method. In the past, when signing into Passpack via Twitter, you were asked you to supply your Twitter username or email and password during sign in. That’s now changed, and you simply need to press Sign in [...]

Passpack, How Glamorous!

Glamour Italy just printed a piece on Italian tech founders, and guess who got printed in full-page, full-color splendor… You guessed it, that’s Passpack’s very own CTO Francesco Sullo looking very suave and Magritte-esque. Notice co-founder Tara Kelly (me) is down there in the corner looking cranky for having been upstaged [wink]. And on TV… [...]

Drill Down on Related Tags

Here’s a cool new feature for you, hot of the presses: related tags. Click a tag anywhere in your password list, and you’ll see the related tags with a + Everytime you click a tag marked with a +, Passpack will filter your list to show you only those entries that contain all the tags [...]

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